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Remember these poems are the original work of Skyla and any attempt to copy/ plagerise this work will result in a hefty lawsuit as the have been copyrighted!
Here and Home
I get so lonely sometimes
Can't get you off my mind
I just want you here with me
Here and home
The oasis is now a mirage
And it seems to be fading fast
I just want you here with me
Here and home
The Writer
Fiction is an addiction I can't contain
Maybe one day
I'll write something that matters
A story where the characters
Leap off the page
And into the human conciousness
Sucking at my blood
And blowing out my brains
The world will never be the same
Unicorn and pegasus
Do you exist?
Flying in on homemade wings
It's just an exaggerated thing
Love and hate are one and the same
Please tell me that story again
So kind
So pure
So selfless
I wish I were like you
Instead of this narcisistic
Mess of a person
So confident
So wholesome
So well loved
I wish I were like you
Instead of this open wound
Just waiting for the salt
Thought You Were Cute
Thought you were cute
'Til I saw you wearing sandals
Thought you were cute
'Til I heard you talk
Looks can be so deceiving
How do I look to you?
A goddess or a witch?
Thought you were cute
Yeah I thought..........
Crazy Old Me
A girl
You thought was your dream girl
A girl
Who was really good
Oh how wrong you was
Now you're stuck
With crazy old me
Obsessive to a fault
Could never
Look you in the eye
A girl
Who would change you life
Crazy old me
Changing you life for the worst
Waiting for you
To end up in a Hearse
A girl
Who became
Your nightmare
No it doesn't mean you've gone to hell
It can't be fixed, but you do it so well
This case can't be closed until it's all been gelled
Baby can't you see
It can't be captured
In all it's stillness
They say pictures take your soul
Lost forever with a pose
And a flash
The Angel
She came to save me
Yet she seemed so mean
I wanted to be lost forever
In this abyss
She said
I can't be demeaned
What can I redeem?
Oh she came to save me
Yet she seemed so clean
Too pure for words
Yet she had many
Oh girly girl just wait
Your time will come
And when it does
Be sure to remember me
Oh she came to save me
Yet she seemed to be
Just like me
Ms. Me
Scared I was going to say something political?
Little Ms. Me
Always the instigator
Ready to fight
Injustice at every corner
Scaring you to death
With my pretty little face and dangerous mind
Feminists don't come any more rampant
Than Ms. Me
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