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Welcome readers, this is indeed the site for the on-line novel, Really Deep Thoughts. It is written by Selina Francis and it will come to you chapter by chapter. Hopefully it will be published and become and a bestseller. But first it will be road tested on the net and you can e-mail Skyla or sign the dreambook on Cosmic Rays with your comments and constructive criticism.
What is it about?
Life in London in the new millenium. Tanya Brown has just graduated from university and moved out from her mother's flat. She has two jobs and never has enough time to contact her friends thus she feels alone and isolated. Solace comes from her handsome neighbour who turns out to be gay. Really Deep Thoughts is a discussion group that stems from her turmoil of feeling that the world isn't ready for her yet. Through Really Deep Thoughts she meets an extradinary group of people who feel the same way she does and one person willing to take it further.
Really Deep Thoughts, isn't that a Tori Amos lyric?
Yes, Tori Amos fans will recognise this line from Tori Amos' Silent All These years. As Selina Francis is a big Tori Amos fan, this book will (hopefully) fill you with this same resonance that you feel while listening to Tori's music.
Who is Selina Francis?
Selina Francis is a twenty year old aspiring writer. She lives in Finsbury Park in North London. Much of her life mirrors Tanya's apart from the fact she still lives with her mother. She works two crappy jobs and will be studying Television Production Technology at the University of Greenwich. Her favourite writers are Douglas Coupland, Brett Easton Ellis, Walter Moseley and Jay McInerney. She's a bit of a 'rock chick' and hopes to move to New York when she is older and financially stable.
Part One: The Head

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